create experiences

create any kind of interactive stories/novels, games, tutorials and publish them as mobile apps, easily

tell a story

create interactive story experiences, novels, games easily. let users choose the path. manage the flow with the simple drag and drop scene editor. by drag and drop actions, create any look and interactivity easily.

a unique mobile experience

whatever you're creating, you're creating "an experience" for your users. you can use sagamaker studio and see the effect in ream-time on your phone. create and test an app easily. you don't need to know any programming language.

free to use + publish app

sagamaker studio is always free to use. you can publish your apps to saga player, or to app stores (just for android for a while).

no need for a certificate

if you don't want to purchase a cetificate, use ours for android & iphone. sagamaker gives you a possibility to publish your app in stores for 5 dollars.

install saga player

use qr code below to scan on your mobile, or click here for android, or here for iphone. see for yourself. saga player is also your biggest helper when you create a saga.

what can you create?

interactive novels/stories, games, tutorials. see great examples on the saga player. see what people is creating, and create a better one.

see now

run stories now

use this to install player directly from the stores. android / iphone:

use sagamaker studio

click here to log into sagamaker studio

and start creating now.

free credits enough to publish 1 app in the app stores!